Employment Law Updates – 2022

  1. April 2022: Rate changes

In other employment law updates in 2022, there will be changes to rates. The usual rate changes will apply to:

The statutory cap on a weeks’ pay for the purposes of calculating the basic award and statutory redundancy pay

3. April 2022: Increase in National Insurance contributions

From April 2022 there will be a rise in National Insurance Contributions of 1.25% for all working adults in the UK and matched by employers. The tax rates on shared dividends will raise by the same amount.

From 2023, it will become a separate tax on earned income from 2023, calculated in the same way as National Insurance and appearing on an employee’s pay slip as a Health and Social Care Levy.

4. New legislation to ensure that tips and gratuities go to staff

This new legislation is intended to prevent employers from taking tips and gratuities that should go to staff and to eradicate poor tipping practices. It is expected to introduce this “at the earliest opportunity.”

5. New right for workers to request a more stable contract

All workers will have the right to request a more predictable and stable contractual working pattern after 26 weeks’ continuous service. The new right was announced in the Government’s Good work plan on 17 December 2018. It is intended to benefit workers who have irregular hours, for example under a zero hours contract, but who would like more certainty on the number of hours they work and/or the days on which they work.

Part of the good work plan 

6. New pensions dashboard service introduced

Further to the introduction of the  Pensions Schemes Act 2021 allows individuals  to access online information about their pension, including state, personal and occupational pensions, via a pensions dashboard service, helping to plan for retirement.