Pending Changes & Changes without a date



There are a number of changes which are awaiting royal ascent or which have no implementation date as yet. These are as follows; 

1. Neonatal Leave and Pay

2. Extended redundancy protection for pregnant  employees

Currently, those on maternity leave who are at risk of redundancy must be offered suitable alternative roles in advance of others. This protection ends once the employee returns to work. Future changes will mean that this protection starts from the date the employee informs her employers that she is pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether the employee informs you verbally or in writing. This protection will last for a further six-month period once the employee returns to work.

The extended protection will also be available to those on adoption leave and shared parental leave. It is currently not confirmed when this will come into force.

3. New right for workers to request a more stable contract

As part of the government’s Good Work Plan, all workers will have the right to request a more predictable and stable contractual working pattern after 26 weeks’ continuous service. This is for the benefit of workers who may have irregular hours (such as a zero hours contract) but require certainty on the number of hours they work and / or they days on which they work.

4. New pensions dashboard service introduced

The Pensions Schemes Act 2021 allows individuals (or persons appointed by them) to access online information about their pension, including state, personal and occupational pensions, via a pensions dashboard service, to help them plan for retirement