Essential Policies should include 

The policies below are a legal requirement of any business operating in the UK. 

  1. Equality & Diversity 
  2. Equal Opportunities 
  3. Health and safety 
  4. Discipline / Dismissal / Grievance 

However, it is good practice to ensure that the following are also in place; 

  1. Code of Conduct 
  2. Time and attendance 
  3. Family leave (Statutory will apply in any case) 
  4. Social Media policy
  5. Whistle-blowing 
  6. Stress 
  7. Absence and holiday 

Template policy 

An example of a template policy can be found here, however, not one size fits all, and so bespoke policies are offered. Also each template needs to be populated with the text required relevant to the policy it is for. 

All policies should include – 


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